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So Sony did it again. They made the next great gaming system. The PS4! Last night they told everybody around the world about this new system and what it can or will do. One thing it’s not going to be able to do is backwards compatibility, but what it’s going to be able to do is sync with the PS Vita or even the Apple Iphone/Ipad, yes that is correct. Sony is making a app that will let you sync the PS4 with your Iphone/Ipad so you can download special stuff like maps, cloths, weapons, etc. I do not know the full details on the Iphone/Ipad sync, besides the fact they said you can download maps for your games or something like that. Also the Vita may become a controller for the PS4, like the PSP was for the PS3, if that is correct. You are also going to get to post videos/pictures to Facebook using the PS4 and live stream your gameplay on Ustream using only your PS4. Now that is a lot the PS4 can do right out of the box. Now we may get some more news later on this year. Because the PS4 will not be launched until the holiday season like always. This means about November or December of this year. So can’t wait to heard more news about this new system.