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Dragon's Crown

Dragon's Crown is a new RPG made by Atlus & Vanillaware. The story takes place in medieval times or middle age. Magic wielders were looking for a super rare treasure known as The Dragon's Crown. So they used there spells to connect all of the monster tunnels and land together so they can find this rare treasure, but if they get it they may use it to destroy the kingdom and all of its people. So its up to you to save the kingdom and its people. You can choose up to 6 playable characters, each with there own abilitys. The game will have online co-op. So you and 3 friends can go through the game looking for the Dragon's Crown and help each other get new items to customize your character. There will be no end to what you can do in this game. From what i'm reading it sounds like you will get a week out of the game, but they always say you will have a good long gameplay, but sometimes its ends up being like 12 hours or something. Dragon's Crown will be coming out August the 6th (right after my birthday) for the PS3 & PS Vita. Here is the link to Dragon's Crown news